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Product Customization - QSSI Provides Customized Manufacturing and Product Differentiation for Private Label OEM Accounts.
Linear LED highbay

HBLC3 Low Profile Linear LED Highbay

In Stock and Ready to Ship! Our new HBLC3 is a low profile Linear LED Highbay with a wide optical distribution. Suitable for 10 to 45 foot mounting heights based on light level and uniformity requirements. Replaces up to 1000W HID V-Hangers […]
Pole Mount Banner Light

LED Pole Mounted Banner Light

In Stock and Ready to Ship! Our new PBL pole mounted banner light is available with a 4″ or 5″ pole clamp to illuminate pole mounted banners. The mounting clamps allow location of the banner light directly below the bottom of the […]
GL33 Easy-Gro LED

Easy-Gro LED Grow Lights

In Stock and Ready to Ship! We now offer 120W and 240W LED Grow Lights. The lightweight design includes easy mount V-Hangers and 3 meter 250V cord set. These grow lights feature all aluminium construction and LED chips potted with high temperature […]
B5 Bollard Family

The B5 Full Cutoff Bollard family

The B5 Full Cutoff Bollard family includes the bollard and three additional fixtures for your application needs. The WBB5Q Full Cutoff Wall Sconce provides controlled down lighting with a uniform distribution. The NP5Q Path Light is stake mounted and can be used […]
Softled video

SoftLED Low Glare LED Lighting

QSSI is continuing to develop more educational materials about the lighting industry and our products. We are pleased to announce our newest video on our SoftLED Low Glare LED Lighting. Links to all our videos can be found on our website in […]

AL35 LED Area, Wall, and Flood Light

The AL35Q was designed to accept multiple mounting options, making it ideal for most applications including roadway, area and parking lot lighting, flood lighting, and even wall mount. Available with a choice of optics, wattages, and mounting options to suit your needs. […]
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EasyLED Polycarbonate Entry Light
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