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LEDicated – Exceptional LED Performance

LEDicated QSSI’s LEDicated LED fixtures are LED-dedicated luminaires that have been designed solely for LED light sources. The housing incorporates integrated heat management and is engineered for IP67 sealing of the LEDs. All facets of the design process to develop QSSI LEDicated fixtures are devoted to creating an environment for optimal LED performance.
  • The housing is manufactured from die cast aluminum, 100% copper free A360 (LM6) alloy from ingot, sourced outside of China with no recycled content.
  • The housing serves as the LED heat sink and creates a sealed environment.
  • Gaskets are robotically applied to the housing to create a consistent seal and assure that every fixture achieves its stated IP rating.
  • Each fixture includes a separate sealed driver compartment with finned heat sink door.
  • Hardware is nickel plated stainless steel to eliminate seizing over time.
  • The LED array circuit design optimizes LED output with parallel circuits and 525 mA drive current.
  • The LED array utilizes a high quality aluminum board uniquely designed for each fixture to provide optimal heat dissipation and light output.
  • LED drivers are IP67 rated variable voltage 120-277 input, 10% THD, with 1-10V dimming standard.
  • High quality glass or polycarbonate lenses provide sealing with maximum light output.
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