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Our Latest Product Announcements:

We now offer advanced LPS Replacement PC Amber LED arrays in select fixtures! Available in AL35 area lights, KH25 and KH45 Kitty Hawk models, and WPC15 full cutoff wall pack.
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NLB Trusted Warranty

QSSI, along with our affiliated brands, is pleased to announce being one of the first two companies to be approved by the National Lighting Bureau’s (NLB) Trusted Warranty Program. This program awards certificates to lighting and lighting component companies that meet the NLB’s objective quality standards and practices for warranty administration.

The National Lighting Bureau’s audit reviews and assesses companies based on five criteria: formal warranty process, warranty language, length of business/warranty insurance, technical evaluation, and claims review evaluation. They stated “In demonstrating quality and reliability across these five categories, companies give industry stakeholders confidence in their manufacturers.”

The National Lighting Bureau (NLB) Trusted Warranty Program recognizes excellence in lighting companies that meet objective quality standards and practices regarding their warranty administration.  Lighting Designers, Electrical Distributors, Electrical Contractors and other Industry Stakeholders should feel comfortable specifying, buying, and installing luminaires from companies that have had their warranty department audited and approved by the NLB.  The main intent of the Trusted Warranty Program is to promote excellence in responding to warranty issues and to give industry stakeholders confidence in specific manufacturers that had their warranty program inspected.