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Premier Architectural Lighting
We are pleased to announce that Premier Architectural Lighting has merged with our parent company, QSSI. We will continue to provide the products you need, when and where you need them. As always, quality products and customer service are our top priorities, and we know that product availability and fast shipping are also important to you.

We invite you to explore our QSSI website, and you can use the direct links below to take you immediately to these sections:

Our domestic facilities consist of five warehouse and fabrication facilities strategically placed throughout the United States. From these five warehouses, we are able to provide you with custom wiring and painting to order, and to ship product in a timely manner directly to you or the jobsite. Our five shipping locations also offer a reduction in shipping costs and transit time! All of our products are order-specific, and are usually available to ship the same day or next day.

Thank you for your past business with Premier Architectural Lighting. We look forward to our continued business relationship as QSSI Lighting & Electrical Products Group (LEPG).