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Our Latest Product Announcements:

We now offer advanced LPS Replacement PC Amber LED arrays in select fixtures! Available in AL35 area lights, KH25 and KH45 Kitty Hawk models, and WPC15 full cutoff wall pack.
"QSSI -Never Change, Deviate, or Substitute"
QSSI Global - We Offer High Quality European and American Style Lighting Products to the International Lighting Manufacturers to Our Customers’ Specifications.
QSSI Global -
Manufacturing Capabilities and the Full Range of Lighting Products

QSSI Global is a wholly owned subsidiary of QSSI and is responsible for international sales and marketing of our custom manufacturing capabilities and the full range of lighting products manufactured by QSSI in our Far East factories. This subsidiary was opened in 2003 to take advantage of the highly skilled labor force and manufacturing facilities that have been developed since 1985. We offer high quality European and American style lighting products to the International lighting manufacturers, including wired lighting fittings and/or kits to our customers’ specifications.

QSSI Global International Lighting Sales

"QSSI Global has 35 years experience shipping by container throughout the world and provides high quality products to meet all international standards."

QSSI Global International Lighting Sales