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The Holly Ridge Post Top Historic Series are available in Type I, II, III, IV or V distributions designed to replace HID lighting systems.



QSSI manufactures LED fixtures to order at our five U.S. locations for normal shipment within three days of order entry.

QSSI North America: USA Warehousing and Assembly Serving the Americas

QSSI North America has 5 warehouse and manufacturing locations in the U.S. to service our OEM customers with products and custom wiring across the USA, Canada an throughout the Americas

QSSI North America is our USA warehousing and assembly division. With locations currently in Tampa, FL; Cerritos, CA; Walden, NY; Vancouver, WA; and Memphis, TN, we are able to service our OEM customers with products and custom wiring across the USA and throughout the Western Hemisphere. Our factories serve as back-up inventory to supplement container orders and also allow you the flexibility of offering new or different products without a substantial investment in inventory.

In addition to wiring, we can also do custom painting and fabrication. Our 98-3-1 Quick Ship Program and optional Direct-to-the-Jobsite drop shipping provides the ability to serve as your unseen additional warehouse locations. Our USA assembly and fabrication capabilities provide for compliance to ARRA requirements for substantially transformed products.