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"Sustainability Assures Product Quality and Performance"

Quick Ship - Our Products Are Assembled In The U.S.A. And Meet ARRA Requirements For U.S. Made Fixtures.

QSSI USA – Americas Warehouse Products – Quick Ship

“With extensive inventory available in multiple U.S. locations, QSSI delivers lighting and electrical products your customers need—when they need them. Our products are always in stock and ready for fast delivery.”

QSSI manufactures LED fixtures to order at our five U.S. locations for your project. We carry a complete inventory of the majority of our housings, LED’s and drivers at these locations for normal shipment within three days of order entry. Our products are assembled in the U.S.A. and meet ARRA requirements for U.S. made fixtures.

  • 98% Fill Rate
  • 3 Day Lead Time
  • 1 Piece Minimum Order Quantity

5 U.S. locations

USA Corporate Office

12802 Commodity Place
Tampa, FL 33626
Ph: 813.855.9416
Fax: 813.854.2915
Email: customerservice@qssi.com