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EasyLED Decorative Canopy Lighting

EasyLED Decorative Canopy Lighting

The EasyLED decorative canopies are part of entire families of aesthetically pleasing fixtures for your job site including pole top area lighting, canopies, bollards, and wall sconces. All of the full-cutoff canopy fixtures were designed exclusively for our EasyLED Arrays.

  • Car garageIP65 sealed LED compartment
  • SoftLED lens option available on select models
  • Amber option for ECCP30Q available
  • 37-176 watts; 3,107-20,791 lumen output
  • 120-277V and 347-480V driver options
  • Type II, III, IV, and V optics available (see spec sheets for availability)
  • Optional 120-277V microwave sensor with dimming

For complete details, download your copy of the specification sheets from our website here:

CP30Q Reveal Small Round Canopy

CP32Q Reveal Large Round Canopy

AFRC30Q Aeroform Round Canopy