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We now offer advanced LPS Replacement PC Amber LED arrays in select fixtures! Available in AL35 area lights, KH25 and KH45 Kitty Hawk models, and WPC15 full cutoff wall pack.
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UK Kitty Hawk Multipurpose LED Family

Kitty Hawk LED Family

In Stock and Ready to Ship!
The Kitty Hawk family was designed to accept multiple mounting options, making them ideal for most applications including roadway, area and car park lighting, flood lighting, and wall mount. The choice of optics, wattages, and mounting options allow an entire job site to be lit using only one fixture. The durable powdercoat finish and chromate conversion coating provides increased corrosion resistance and prolongs the life of the fixture in harsh environments.

  • IP66 sealed LED compartment on all models
  • 23.8 to 557 watts; 2,557 to 66,898 lumen output
  • Optional controls available
  • Typical applications include retail centres, industrial parks, schools and universities, public transit and airports, office buildings and medical facilities

For complete details, download your copy of the specification sheets from our website here: UK QSSI Kitty Hawk Family

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