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NSF Certified Fixtures

NSF Certified Fixtures
Are you lighting extreme temperature environments? Illuminating environments with high-pressure washing or damp areas? These are the everyday environments in: food processing, heavy manufacturing, cold storage, livestock farming, warehouse, and distribution facilities. Our NSF Certified fixtures are what you need to illuminate these spaces.

Our NSF Certified fixtures are trusted and backed by a team of professionals dedicated to public health and safety in more than 180 countries. These fixtures all have the assurance that a trusted independent certification organization has tested the product.

Other Harsh Environment Fixtures
In addition to our NSF Certified fixtures, QSSI offers a wide selection of Harsh & Hazardous fixtures. These fixtures include: Vaporproof, Vaportight, Linear Die-Cast, and Hazardous Location C1D2 Explosion Proof luminaires. Lighting mounting applications include: wall, surface, pendant, and flood.

Use the resources below to browse through our entire selection of NSF Certified, Harsh Environment, Hazardous Environment, and LED Explosion Proof C1D2 luminaires.